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Kryptel is a file encryption program, enabling you to use strong cryptographic algorithms
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18 December 2013

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If you have highly sensitive data on your PC and you aren’t encrypting it, you are just begging for trouble. Hackers run rampant on the Internet and in these days of wireless communications and high speed connections, your next door neighbor could be snooping around in your computer without you even being aware of it.
While most hackers can’t cause Average Joe much trouble, what about Joe Home Business Owner? If you don’t have your computer and data sealed up and encrypted with overly paranoid precautions that “Average Joe” would laugh at, you may be getting robbed blind on a daily basis.
Encryption software is a must if you have data of a confidential nature on your PC in plain view, even on a firewall protected computer. Kryptel takes the chore out of encryption with Industrial-Strength cipher and key encryption made available for everyone from “Average Joe” to “CIO Joseph”.
You encrypt a file very easily through your explorer right-click context menus or through the Kryptel Desktop Interface. You can easily encrypt a single file or whole directory. Kryptel utilizes containers to store your encrypted files. Think of them as safes (even the icons look like a safe). You lock them with either a password (Kryptel recommends at least a 40 character string for an 80-bit level encryption cipher) or a key dongle such as a floppy disk. When you want to unlock the (decrypt) file, you can again use the context menus or if you wish to only decrypt a select few files from an encryption file set, you can use the Desktop Interface to do just that. You are prompted to enter your password or your key disk and your file will then be decrypted back to the chosen location on you hard disk.
This program is ultra simple to use for a home user like me. It is very similar to PC archival programs (ala WinZIP) only you are dealing with secure encryption algorithms and not compression. The program supports a command line interface (more for organizational network use) as an added feature and supports a wide array of encryption ciphers, most of which are essentially unhackable by practical means. I mean, what hacker has the pathetic excuse of a life and extra money to throw away on the hardware to attempt to break your 80-bit cipher in order to gain access to your archived email? Very few, let me tell you.
Kryptel is also a whole lot less complicated than PGP keys and encryption. Just make sure you remember your passwords and don’t lose your keys because there is no known way to find lost passwords or recover keys. If you want your data to be as safe as possible against a hacker threat, download Kryptel now.

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Kryptel is an easy-to-use single-click solution making encryption of files and folders no more complex than copying or moving. On the other hand, Kryptel includes a number of advanced features like creating encrypted filesets or batch mode processing. By default, Kryptel uses the newest Advanced Encryption Standard for data encryption. Other strong ciphers can be selected in the Crypto Settings panel. The encrypted backup feature and efficient data compression make Kryptel an ideal tool for archiving sensitive data. The integrated file shredder provides secure deletion of sensitive files in accordance to DoD 5220.22-M specification. Kryptel Encryption Suite is well suited for both home and corporate use and can satisfy most demanding security needs. Free trial version can be obtained directly from the Kryptel Web site
Version 6.4
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